About us


Cassidy Tire and Service is part of the fabric of 15 Chicagoland neighborhoods because we know that staying in business takes more than providing a service or product in exchange for our customer's hard-earned money. It's about doing your best for each customer, whether it's a Fortune 500 commercial account, or a young father who has to squeeze a tight budget to get his car back on the road.

As a family, and as a family business, we've been blessed to be able to do what we love in a city and surrounding area that we've called home for generations.

We're Chicagoland's largest independent tire dealer. We've remained independent from national chains. Consumers need choice.

When you walk into any Cassidy location, you can count on over 97 years of valuable experience. National chains come and go, but Cassidy has been rooted firmly in the area.

We leave the high-pressure sales to the other guys. You can trust us to give you the best information about your car, leaving you in a solid position to make the right choices. You will never feel intimidated and uneasy at Cassidy.


The Ahern family's fourth generation

The Ahern family's fourth generation, like their parents, started learning the ins-and-outs of the family business at a young age. Today, you'll find them on the road working with our commercial and wholesale customers, running a store, or making sure we have the latest and greatest in tires and auto services.


Back in time

Twenty years after the Great Chicago fire, the city was still in the grip of unparalleled growth. In 1892, Hugh Cassidy and his son William opened up a livery service on the Near West Side. Initially the business centered on renting hearses, livery wagons, and horse teams. Hugh died in 1899 leaving Will to take over Cassidy. Transportation was changing and Cassidy followed suit. By 1912, horse-drawn wagons were starting to be replaced with automobiles. Noticing the early tires taking a beating as these vehicles rumbled by his store on Roosevelt Road, Will changed the focus of Cassidy to repair the hard tires. Will never had children, so he invited his 16-year-old nephew, Hugh Ahern, to join the fold as the company’s bookkeeper.
In 1930, Will retired leaving Hugh to run Cassidy Tire during some of America’s toughest times, surviving the Depression and World War II. With six sons, Hugh was able to keep Cassidy Tire in the family. Bill, Frank, James, Jack, Tom, and Hugh, Jr., all learned the ropes after school and on vacations during the 1950s. Upon completing their educations, the Ahern sons joined Cassidy Tire and opened up two new stores in the western suburbs. In 1970, Cassidy moved its main location from the Near West Side to downtown. The Canal Street location remained the hub of the operation for 30 years as Cassidy expanded to 14 stores throughout Chicagoland.
In 2006, Cassidy moved their headquarters and warehouse, and opened store fifteen in suburban Addison. Today the fourth generation of Aherns - Rick, Bryan, Melanie, Tom Jr., Kristie, Mike, and Bob - are celebrating their 100th year in business and are guiding the area’s largest independent tire dealer into the next 100 years.

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