Keep Your Vehicle In Line

It's common for vehicles to get out of alignment with regular driving. Wear over time causes parts of your vehicle's suspension to become worn causing it to fall out of alignment. Hitting bumps, curbs, and potholes can also cause vehicle components to shift, making the problem even worse.

What Does Alignment Do For My Vehicle?

Description: MacHD:Users:jakerocklin:Desktop:alignmegnt .jpegWhen technicians do an alignment check they look at 3 things.

1). Camber - Are the tires on the vehicle angled inwards or outwards. This can lead to uneven wear on the tread, and flat tires will be more likely.

2). Toe - Similar to Camber, this is the angle at which the tires face when viewed from above. This is like looking down at your feet and seeing if your toes face forward.

3). Caster - This is the angle of your steering access when viewing your tires from the side.

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How to Tell If You Need an Alignment...Use Your Senses. Look, Listen, and Feel your Vehicle.

Your vehicle drifts to the left or right when you drive
Your steering wheel vibrates when you drive
Your steering wheel is off-centered when you drive straight

If you're still not sure, or it's been a while since your last alignment, remember every Cassidy Tire location offers FREE alignment checks.

Many other service shops don't perform alignments, but they're essential to maintain the life of your vehicle.Ensuring your vehicle's wheels are properly aligned will not only keep you and your passengers safe, it will also extend the life of your tires, saving you time and money for years to come.

No matter where in Chicagoland you live, we're close by! Visit your nearest Cassidy location and our service experts will perform your FREE alignment check and get you back on the road in no time.