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Ready for winter? Make Sure You’re Driving on the Right Tires!

If you’ve experienced winter driving in the Chicagoland area, you probably know that summer tires are not a safe option but might not sure what type of replacement tire is the right fit as you prepare your vehicle for the winter months. Here are some considerations:

All-season Tires: Traditional all-season tires have an M+S marking on the sidewall which means the tires are rated for driving in all seasons, and can be run year-round, including winter. However, the rubber compound of an all-season tire hardens and loses traction at temperatures below 45 degrees, reducing their effectiveness on ice and snow. They certainly deliver better winter traction than a summer tire, but there are still other options that might be a better fit.

Winter Tires: A dedicated winter tire provides optimal winter traction and is a preferred option for many. Their excellent traction is due to a combination of tread design and the specialized rubber compound used in the tread, which is optimized for cold temperatures, snow, and ice. They feature a three peak mountain snowflake on the sidewall, an industry standard marking for winter tires. However, these tires are not designed for year-round driving, and should be switched out seasonally. The soft rubber compound that provides that great winter traction will degrade at warmer temperatures, so it’s important to remove them in the spring and replace them with your all-season or summer tires to extend their life and keep them performing as they should.

All-weather Tires: All-weather tires are a great option for those who are looking for a year-round all-season tire with excellent winter traction. They strike a great balance between an all-season tire and a winter tire. They are designed to perform well in a variety of weather conditions from dry roads to snow covered streets. An all-weather tire has a softer compound to maintain traction in cold weather, and its tread pattern is crafted to carve through snow and slush. It is easily identifiable by the three peak mountain snowflake on the tire sidewall which certifies it to be approved for winter driving, just like a dedicated winter tire with one key difference--since you can run them year-round, there is no need to change them out with the season.

Still not sure what the best tire option is for you? Let the experts at Cassidy Tire & Service help you make the right choice!





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