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Car Battery Replacement | New Car Battery | Cassidy Tire


A typical OEM battery lasts approximately 3 to 4 years under normal conditions, although for optimal performance, you should replace your car battery after three years. Waiting longer can cause them to be unreliable, particularly in the cold weather of the Chicagoland area. A new battery can help start the car more quickly, provide power more reliably, and is crucial for the winter weather in the Chicagoland area. A battery lasts longer if the vehicle is driven frequently and the battery is kept at a full charge. A car battery should be replaced as soon as possible when it shows signs of lost capacity, such as needing a jump to start the engine. To check the health of your battery, Cassidy Tire & Service will perform a FREE battery check to determine the ability of the battery to start the vehicle.

Is it the battery or is it the alternator?

The purpose of the battery is to start the vehicle. Once it’s started, the alternator takes over and generates power to handle the vehicle’s electrical needs, including recharging the battery. In addition to checking the battery's age and condition, it's essential to ensure that your car alternator continues to charge the battery appropriately. The alternator should keep the battery charged above a preset voltage level, so if it drops below that level, it may be time to replace it. Our technicians use state of the art equipment to determine if the battery is actually the problem, and if your alternator is functioning properly. If we determine your alternator needs replacing, one of our service advisors will review the options and provide an estimate of service needed.

Regular auto maintenance and timely battery replacements allow you to enjoy complete peace of mind with an optimally performing car. Find your nearest Cassidy Tire & Service for all your maintenance needs. Schedule your battery check or replacement today!

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