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Air & Cabin Air Filter Services | Cassidy Tire & Service

Air and Cabin Air Filters

Ensuring your vehicle's air filters are in good condition and regularly changed is vital for prolonging the life of your engine and maintaining the air quality inside the cabin. They prevent dust, sand, debris or insects from reaching the engine and ensure a good mixture of air and fuel to support your vehicle’s performance. Whether you're driving an SUV, family car, or commercial vehicle, installing quality air filters in your vehicle is essential. Air filters will improve cabin air quality, increase engine life, and reduce emissions.

Engine Air Filter

Changing your vehicle's air filter helps prolong engine life. The air filter traps damaging dirt and debris that can harm the engine’s cylinders and pistons. Engine damage can occur from tiny particles and result in costly repairs. A clean air filter can increase fuel efficiency and reduce vehicle emissions. We carry a variety of air filters for all makes and models of cars and can assist you with finding the correct replacement filter for your vehicle.

Cabin Air Filter

The cabin air filter cleans air that comes into the interior of the vehicle through the heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems. Drivers and passengers can benefit from replacing cabin air filters, especially those with allergies or breathing difficulties. In addition to providing relief from pollen and other irritants, cabin air filters also help reduce odors, dust, and the amount of debris entering the HVAC system. The air inside a car cabin can be up to six times more contaminated than the surrounding outside air. Cabin air filters help provide clean cabin air and maintain the vehicle's HVAC performance.

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