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Seasonal Tire Services, Winter/Summer Tire Change-Over | Cassidy Tire

Seasonal Tire Services

When the weather changes in Chicago, it's time to consider changing your vehicle's tires. Seasonal tire changeover service can ensure your vehicle is prepared for changing temperatures and road conditions. Winter tires are designed for improved traction, especially when driving in colder temperatures and on snowy and icy roads. They are made with a softer rubber compound and a more aggressive tread pattern to give better traction on cold surfaces. Summer tires provide better performance on dry pavement and higher temperatures. They provide increased traction in wet conditions, improved handling, and better overall performance.

It is essential to ensure your vehicle is equipped with the right tires as the temperature changes. Using appropriate seasonal tires has various benefits, including better traction, improved handling, enhanced fuel efficiency, and the prolonged life of your vehicle's tires.

Cassidy Tire & Service offers convenient seasonal tire services to help transition the tires on your vehicles from winter to spring.

Seasonal Tire Swap/Changeover

Professional tire installation is recommended to ensure a safe and smooth transition between seasons for the tires on your vehicle. It's essential to inflate the tires correctly and check the alignment and balance. Don't put your safety at risk; get seasonal tire changeover service from experts who know how to get the job done correctly. With tire service in Chicago, you can be confident that your vehicle will be ready for any weather conditions.

Tire Storage Program

Many of our customers rely on winter tires to get them through Chicago winters, but need a place to store their all-season or summer tires during the winter since they often do not have room to store an extra set of tires at home.. That’s where the Cassidy Tire Storage Program comes in. This allows customers to store their tires during the off-season. The Cassidy Tire Storage program can protect your tires safely with insurance coverage, and indoor climate-controlled storage. Call for details!

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