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Nitrogen Tire Service | Cassidy Tire


Tire safety is vital, and using nitrogen to fill car tires can help drivers in Chicago get the most out of their tires. Nitrogen is a gas that doesn’t contain moisture, making it more stable than compressed air. Nitrogen can be beneficial in extreme Chicago weather conditions by keeping tires from becoming over-inflated in the summer heat and under-inflated in the winter. Nitrogen helps extend a tire's life and breaks down less than other gases.

Nitrogen is a non-toxic, non-flammable, and environmentally friendly option. Gasoline-powered vehicles emit pollutants, but nitrogen's low-moisture content does not contribute to air pollution. Using nitrogen to fill car tires helps Chicago drivers maintain safe and reliable vehicle tires.

Why Fill Tires with Nitrogen?

The air we breathe is the same used to fill tires and is 78% nitrogen and 21% oxygen. The rest contains small amounts of other gasses and water vapor. There are various advantages to removing the extra oxygen and other gasses from your tires.

Temperature change affects tire pressure, and the oxygen in your tires expands and contracts when the temperature rises and falls. Filling your tires with nitrogen can significantly reduce these pressure changes. Nitrogen is less susceptible to temperature changes than oxygen so they maintain more consistent pressure in all weather.

Air filled tires have a tendency to develop slow leaks through the tires’ rubber. Nitrogen molecules are much larger than oxygen molecules, so tires filled with nitrogen will lose far less pressure each month.

Another advantage of using nitrogen to fill tires is that it doesn’t contain moisture. Water vapor is present in the air used to fill tires, which can cause damage to the tires. Filling your tires with nitrogen eliminates this moisture build-up.

Nitrogen-filled tires maintain the correct air pressure longer, and there are various advantages to maintaining the correct tire pressure, including increased fuel economy, longer tire lifespan, and safer driving.

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